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This website is about D-STAR, and, really, about making your own equipment for the D-STAR communications system for Amateur Radio operators, ranging from simple GMSK node adapters ("modems") to complete transceivers, repeaters and so on.


      Its here!


A very small hotspot application for Windows, Linux and Android, running in Console (text) mode !

Can run in the foreground as a standard "desktop" application, but it can also run in the background as a daemon (or, under Windows, as a service.)  Either way, it can be told to show interesting information on an attached LCD if the system supports it.  On our own LCD board, we even added a receiver for an Infrared Remote Control so you can use that to 'control' your hotspot!

More information about ConDV can be found here !


The ConsoleCape board for the BeagleBoneBlack system boards, featuring a 16x2 LCD, 5 user buttons, a battery-backed RTC chip, a temperature sensor and an InfraRed receiver for remote control.  Click here for more info!

    WinDV version 1.5.6 has been released, you can find it here !!
      Several customers have reported problems with the DVAP (and Dongle) devices in this release of WinDV.  The cause has been identified, and an updated version is currently being tested by people who had problems with version 1.5.6.


A new supply of both UHF and VHF models of the Friendcom FC-301/D data transceivers was received today, hurray!  They go fast, so get one soon!!

You can read about them here !


Raspberry Pi GMSK Add-On Board

A Mini-Hotspot board which you can just click onto your RPi system and have a no-cables, no-hassles D-STAR node !

Click here for more information !

  [MHS-C image]   **** The Mini-Hotspot Rev.C ****

The new kits are IN STOCK, and they can be ordered through the Shop! More information is available here.






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